Dr.Michelle Casto

The Power of Creativity to Process Your Emotional Pain & Move You Forward Fast

Dr. Michelle Casto is an international best-selling author, speaker, Spiritual Energy Healer, and Purpose & Success Coach whose mission it is to empower awakening people to Discover and live their greatest Destiny.

As an expert in personal transformation, Michelle has the power to release hidden barriers that may be blocking you from moving forward, and then activate the clarity, self-love, and confidence required to achieve "Soulful Success."   You can receive inspiration and guidance through her books and private practice sessions.  

A prolific author and poet, she knows the power of creativity to heal old wounds and shift you into higher vibrations. Her latest book is The Destiny Discovery  Find Your Soul's Path to Success.

Visit www.BrightMichelle.com or say help on social media, "BrightMichelle."


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