Craig Polsfuss

“Higher Brain Living: Breaking Free from Your Painful Past”

Craig Polsfuss, MA, LP, MSW, LICSW (Emeritus) - Holistic/integral psychologist and international leader in two groundbreaking advancements in human potential.

  • Higher Brain Living®: An integral neuroscience program that organically changes the physiology of the brain more powerfully than any other known method (verified by EEGs) to accelerate personal transformation and create sustainable change.
  • The Three Principles: A psycho-spiritual (non-religious) understanding that has identified the principles behind all human experience – thereby accelerating mental-emotional healing and growth.

Published in professional journals applying the Three Principles to leadership and high performance.

Craig has an online personal/professional coaching practice and offers free and paid live and online presentations. Free initial consultations.

Craig is passionate about enrolling caring, capable people in certification programs in order to bring these revolutionary breakthroughs to humanity.

He can be reached at and 612-730-4843

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