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Being Ok With Who You Really Are

So I’ve been depressed a long time. And it has caused me to give up. A lot. Or not try very hard. Exhibit A: I stopped blogging four months ago. I got VERY depressed about, well, nothing working out in my life. And I just couldn’t do anything beyond the bare minimum. I was feeling […]

What Do You Think?

I love the Secret. I know, not very intellectual of me is it? I was raised to question everything, and I mean this kind of thing screams out for questioning! If I think happy thoughts, I’ll get a Ferrari? Yeah, and I’ve got a bridge to sell you. Of course it’s not like that. It […]

Lessons from the World Cup

You’d have to be half dead not to have been inspired by the recent Women’s World Cup win by the U.S. team. I mean, they just went for it! Three goals in the first 16 minutes –  soccer usually has scores like 1-0, so that’s nuts!!! There are a few lessons we can extrapolate from […]

Be the Boss of Your Life

So I’m not doing exactly what I want for work at the moment.  And it doesn’t feel good. I know, join the club right? But it’s not a club I want to be in. How did I even get here anyway? What do I really want? I can answer that question in one word: Freedom. […]

Be Your Own Best Friend

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks in the news. A man wanting to be a woman, a white woman wanting to be black. I’m not going to defend or go into the particular nuances of either of these – I think they have been covered enough by the Twitterverse and CNN. But it brought […]

Take a trip this summer

So I took a couple of trips lately.  One to Vegas to visit a friend from school and my very awesome coach, Karie Millspaugh! And the other to the Depths of Despair. Your mind can take you some VERY scary places. Basically I got some news that devastated me. It put into question things I’d […]

Patience Got Me a Free Sandwich

So it turns out that patience really IS a virtue.  And here I thought it was just an annoying phrase parents and teachers doled out to make you shut up.  (It never worked of course.) I associate this lauded character trait with monks and blissed out meditators. People who, let’s face it, aren’t in any […]


I don’t know what it is about spring, but suddenly EVERYTHING is happening. I guess people have come out of their cocoons for winter. (And if you’re in California or something, I don’t want to hear about it.) Anyway, it’s prime time for moving –relevant to me right now, weddings, graduations, etc. etc. And it […]

Avoiding the Path of Least Resistance

Most of us want change. And when it comes – we freak out! It’s not hard to figure out why really. Unless we are in a completely intolerable situation, we won’t be motivated to change. Because even if we really don’t like a job because it bores us, it’s a “known quantity”. So we stay. […]

Celebrate the little wins

So I’ve been off my game lately. I’m not sure why. I haven’t been feeling super motivated – which is ironic considering my last post was all about self-motivation! Sometimes we don’t just have “off” days, they can be off weeks, months, or even YEARS. But it’s important NOT to stay there! You are probably familiar […]

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