I am a writer and student of mind-body modalities. I have taken a long road to recovering my health, both mind and body.
Traditional medicine and therapy only led me in circles, on medication, and talking incessantly about the problems rather than solutions. Part of that journey has involved growing stronger in my own convictions and paying less attention to others’ thoughts about what I do and believe. I am fascinated by the subconscious, and convinced that the answers lie deep inside all of us. This was the idea behind my first book, Finley the Flute.

I have an MBA and master’s degree in arts management. Those degree programs taught me discipline, but also led me to my true interest – how to manage our own minds. I did those degrees because other people told me that I should, not because it was what I truly wanted. Years later, I wondered why most people do things they really don’t want to do. In my case, that is how I was raised. But my depression led me to ask, is this really the way life is supposed to be? A life of doing what I was “supposed” to do? The questions kept coming, and led me to become fascinated with how we are ‘programmed” and how to “unprogram” myself and find out what really fulfilled me. The answer was to help others find that out for themselves.

I am an avid world traveler, having spent time living abroad in England. I’ve taken a new liking to cooking and enjoy making meals knowing exactly what’s in them.

                                                              I’m a cat lover, flute player and currently live outside my hometown of Washington, D.C.