Take a trip this summer

So I took a couple of trips lately.  One to Vegas to visit a friend from school and my very awesome coach, Karie Millspaugh!

And the other to the Depths of Despair.

Your mind can take you some VERY scary places.

Basically I got some news that devastated me. It put into question things I’d always assumed I’d have in life. Things you take for granted. And then someone basically told me – yeah GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!

I went to the lowest places. I thought I’d never get that low again. But I did.

Not getting out of bed low. (Well I did, but I was very late for work!)

Coming home early from work low.

Going right to bed low.

It only lasted a few days, but it really sapped me.

But then I heard some words of wisdom. Why was I giving other people power? Are they God?

Last time I checked, no.

How did I let one person’s words totally destroy me? I’d given up all my power and handed it over on a silver platter to someone else.

That my friends, is the recipe for depression and despair.

I don’t know your vacation destinations for the summer, but those two are NOT on my list!

So, just to beat a dead analogy here – I need to reroute that GPS to excitement and hope.

Maybe you can relate to this, but I spend so much time dwelling on my personal life goals that I lose sight of the day to day. As in, am I having fun?

I think I wasn’t raised to treat fun as important. In our house growing up it was: did you do your homework? Have you practiced piano? Did you make your lunch?

All important things, mind you. But I got the message that those were the only things in life.

And I wonder why I got depressed. That is a depressing way to live.

So, I’m going to sign up for a yoga class, plan another trip, or perhaps finally pick out a guitar and try to play again. Plan Third time’s the charm!

So don’t allow what someone else says or does to dictate your moods. That is their stuff. Don’t let it infect you!

And take a trip to Anticipation and Hope this summer!

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