Patience Got Me a Free Sandwich

So it turns out that patience really IS a virtue.  And here I thought it was just an annoying phrase parents and teachers doled out to make you shut up.  (It never worked of course.)

I associate this lauded character trait with monks and blissed out meditators. People who, let’s face it, aren’t in any hurry to do anything.  And after my entire adult life trying to get an adult life that I want, I want it all NOW!

Sorry, my inner three-year-old had to get out there.

Truth be told, I’ve always been outwardly patient, so maybe that’s why the veneer has started to wear a bit thin, even occasionally in public. Gasp!

Because after 20 years trying to get what I want and not succeeding, I don’t really want to wait around patiently anymore. I mean, that’s rational. How long is anyone supposed to wait anyway?

So I’ve started taking more radical steps. Hiring coaches, taking concrete steps like starting a blog. Getting advice from those who are doing what I want to be doing. All logical and all getting me just a liiiitle bit closer to a full-time writing/blogging gig.

But there are times where we can’t push it. Where things are out of our control. And where we just have to do what we can do.  And Wait.

And it’s intolerable.

Things like medical tests. Not really in your control how they turn out.

Or getting your money back. Which was my case today. I’d been overcharged a couple weeks ago and never saw the refund show up in my account.

So dragging my feet, I went back to the store and waited while the manager called to find out why my money hadn’t been refunded. I waited awkwardly in the store doorway next to what smelled like the trash room.

I eventually got my money back in cash. And a free sandwich and drink for my patience!

So, while I have no control over the medical test, I was rewarded for my calm demeanor waiting for my refund with a mozzarella and tomato sandwich.

And they say there’s no such thing as a free lunch!



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