Avoiding the Path of Least Resistance

Most of us want change. And when it comes – we freak out!

It’s not hard to figure out why really. Unless we are in a completely intolerable situation, we won’t be motivated to change. Because even if we really don’t like a job because it bores us, it’s a “known quantity”. So we stay.

The new job or living situation could be AMAZING and exactly the direction we want to go, but because we don’t know how it will go, we stay in a “so-so” situation.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think we were put on this planet to have “so-so” lives.

Part of this problem is most of us are brought up to take the “safe” route. Our parents mean well – they don’t want to have to worry about our survival.

But the problem is that “frog in boiling water” syndrome. You don’t notice you’re uncomfortable until it’s too late. You adjust and tell yourself that well, it’s not THAT bad.

Until one day maybe you can’t.

Or one day things change that you DIDN’T plan on.

That’s the funny thing, we all think we can control everything. Even if you think your job is fine, one day your boss retires and you get a micromanager. And then it becomes intolerable. Or the decision to leave is made for you.

Which brings us back to change. In an ideal world, we wouldn’t wait until a situation becomes intolerable to change it. We would tweak things over time to work towards something we are interested in. And the change would be gradual.

But human nature being what it is, we take the path of least resistance. And then the change is SCARY.

But what if it wasn’t? The only constant about change is – it will change again.

Nothing in life is permanent. If your new situation turns out to be dire, make another course correction. This is how we learn and get closer to the path our inner voice is whispering to us. Unfortunately there is no life manual, and there are too many variables within any decision to fully know the outcome.

So, we map out the options and in the end – go with our guts. Or maybe you go with your head, but your gut will never steer you wrong. Sit with it. What’s the worst thing that could happen? Unless it’s death, then you’ll either learn some valuable information or be pleasantly surprised.

Stagnation is the real enemy. Not change.

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