Celebrate the little wins

So I’ve been off my game lately. I’m not sure why. I haven’t been feeling super motivated – which is ironic considering my last post was all about self-motivation!

Sometimes we don’t just have “off” days, they can be off weeks, months, or even YEARS.

But it’s important NOT to stay there! You are probably familiar with “an object at rest stays at rest” and an “object in motion stays in motion.” This SO applies to you and me and our everyday lives!

You know how it is. You finally decide yes, you are going to clean your house, or apartment or flat. And you do the hardest thing, which is to START. And then after cleaning the dishes and emptying the dishwasher, you see how much better it looks! And then you just want to keep going, and you clean off the counter, you put your clothes away, you vacuum, and WOW, you have an entirely different living environment. And you just feel good.

The same goes for NOT doing anything. The momentum isn’t there. You don’t “feel “ like it. You’re bored. You deserve the mindless tv time. And on it goes. And one night turns into days and months and the rest of your life!

(Drumroll please.)

You just get sick enough of yourself. And how BAD it feels to be “lazy”. I don’t mean having well-deserved fun time or socializing, but AVOIDING things. You can’t truly enjoy downtime if it just feels like nagging guilt. You’re letting yourself down. You know you could do and BE so much better.

So just do it. *

Nothing worthwhile ever comes without some discomfort. Whether it’s writing that blog post when you’re depressed or tired. Or putting in that a.m. workout when you didn’t have a great night’s sleep. It’s being about to be PROUD of yourself. That you pushed beyond what your lazy ass lower self wants. And your lazy ass lower self is that primitive part of your brain that wants to conserve energy in case the next lion comes. There is no lion – unless you count your boss. But the boss probably won’t eat you.

So just do ONE thing on your list. Maybe that’s all you have in you today. And that’s ok. Or maybe it will be like a rock rolling down a hill and keep rolling. Either way, you’ll be able to look yourself in the mirror and really ENJOY that latest episode of CSI without guilt.

*(Apologies to Nike)

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