Not Feelin’ It?

So you’ve lost that lovin’ feeling?

Lost your “mojo”?

Just feel nothing?

Who hasn’t been there? I got the worst cold in years this past week – I was in bed during the most perfect weather weekend in six months!  I made it through an arctic, awful winter (can these please stop by the way?), only to get slammed with a chest cold in April.

It’s unfair! I screamed to the gods! Or really to my empty bedroom.  More liked I coughed it, I did not have the energy to scream anything.

But I have goals! I have a book outline to flesh out! A novel to finish!

Yes, this all needs to be done NOW!

I barely made it outside my apartment for four days. So I’m crawling back to normalcy here – sorry if my residual hacking bothers anyone. And well, I have LOST it. (Not my mind, though that’s debatable.)

Lost any motivation, lost any energy – it’s still being used to fight the last vestiges of this nasty illness I probably picked up on the subway.

So how do you get back your “mojo”? (That’s an overused term, but until I coin a better one, bear with me). Rather – how do you get motivated again after a setback?

I just got my copy of Brendon Burchard’s The Motivation Manifesto this weekend.  Thank you Amazon for not making me leave the house! Anyway, I’m only a short way into it, but basically it talks about making a vow to yourself.

You wouldn’t let down someone else that was counting on you, would you?  So why do we keep letting down the people we actually DO have to be accountable to – OURSELVES?

It seems like such a simple and radical concept.  But a lot of depression is related to letting ourselves down – or feeling like we have. Starting projects and not finishing them. Procrastinating. Think of how you would feel if a friend let you down – over and over? The relationship wouldn’t survive.

But we have no choice BUT to have that relationship with ourselves. Sort of like a marriage, but even that you *can* technically leave. So why not keep those promises to yourself? It feels SO good when you do! You’ll wonder why you avoided it before.  That is, unless it’s something that really doesn’t feel good to you.

For instance, well, this blog post. Writing. I like it. It comes out of me easily, but like so many things, it’s SO hard to start it. But once I do, it flows pretty easily. Funny how that is. The things we avoid doing are really pretty satisfying when we do them. And not nearly as hard as we imagined.

So keep that promise to the most important person in your life – yourself.

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