Are you a late bloomer?

Do you ever feel like you have missed the boat?

Like wait, I’m supposed to be married with 1.7 children by now. I’m supposed to be a home owner by (insert arbitrary age here). I should be earning this much money.  I should have written that best-selling novel by age 30. Ackk!

Facebook has made this ten thousand times worse by pushing other people’s spouses, babies, children, promotions and exotic trips in our faces. It’s enough to send you out to the store for a suddenly urgent bottle of wine.


But wait. I’m talking to you late bloomer. And I’m one too. I didn’t even start growing til 14. Yeah ok, so got my MBA at 23, but then I stalled out for years on all fronts. (I didn’t even want that MBA so it doesn’t count.) Though I was aware I was “behind” even before Facebook. Thanks anyway Mark Zuckerberg, we did self- loathing fine before you.

This New York Times article showed up in my aforementioned  Facebook news feed recently to give all us slackers hope. It found people who retired found their second lease on life. They suddenly became very good at oboe or started a business after an unfulfilling career.

Ok I shouldn’t say slackers. Maybe they are people who just haven’t hit our stride yet. Or were just unlucky because hey, life happens. Or maybe they are unlucky people who became slackers due to 20 unfulfilling years as a bureaucrat. Who knows, I am GenX after all, the slacker generation. Or at least it was the slacker generation until all of them started producing offspring and getting promotions. Damn them.

But take heart, because you may just be a true late bloomer. If you have something you really want to do, by this point you’ve probably realized that those who say you can’t or shouldn’t are not really people you should be listening to anyway. How are their lives going? I mean are they you? Do they have to live your life? Thought not.

So don’t wait til you retire to do something you’ve always wanted to try. We can’t all be Grandma Moses(look it up Milennials),but you’d be surprised what can happen by taking a single step. Write that blog. Start that website. (There,are,web designers,who can,help. Trust me.) But just start. Life May just surprise you.

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