Life is uncertain.

That’s a tough one. We want to control everything. We want to know that the person we want to love us will always love us. We want to know where we will be living in 5 years. We want to know that we will have enough for retirement.

Hell, we want to know when we can retire.

The fact is 50 percent of marriages won’t work. People are laid off and can’t find jobs. And retirement is now a pipe dream for many.

But. It will all work out.

I know, am I on crack? No, never done drugs.

I say this because I’ve had a boat load of insecurity this year. From my marriage to my job to what continent I would live on. I had an idea of what it would look like.

But then none of it panned out. I had very dark thoughts. I won’t lie. I just couldn’t see any way of accepting what was happening to me. Why didn’t people act the way I wanted them to? I was a nice person. Why couldn’t I find a job? I had two master’s degrees. Why did friends turn against during the worst moment of my entire life?

I wish I had the answers to these questions. My dream of having a fabulous job and raising a family in Europe was not happening.

It takes a lot to realize what you’ve worked and planned and hoped for isn’t going to happen. It caused me an inordinate amount of pain clinging on to the hope that people would change.

But humans are amazingly resilient. It’s over a year later and so many things have changed. I let go of my fantasy vision of how I thought things would be. And I created a New vision.

I didn’t give up dreaming. In fact I couldn’t truly pursue my dream of working for myself before.

And I stopped myself when I started railing that things weren’t working.

I began to have faith.

I don’t mean in a religious sense. But a knowing that if I kept to my ideals and didn’t compromise, things would work out. If people didn’t react the way I wanted, well then maybe they weren’t the right people.

And then people surprised me. I stood in my power and some actually respected,that. And I felt congruent in myself.

So just breathe. Stay true to who you are. And your vision. The right people and vision will appear.

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