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Don’t Apologize for Your Existence

For a long time, and even now to a somewhat lesser degree, I didn’t want people to see me. I’m not sure when it started. I’m one of six kids, so I was just a number anyway. I graduated in a high school class of 1,000 people. We had 24 valedictorians.  That is ridiculous. But […]

Are you a late bloomer?

Do you ever feel like you have missed the boat? Like wait, I’m supposed to be married with 1.7 children by now. I’m supposed to be a home owner by (insert arbitrary age here). I should be earning this much money.  I should have written that best-selling novel by age 30. Ackk! Facebook has made […]


Life is uncertain. That’s a tough one. We want to control everything. We want to know that the person we want to love us will always love us. We want to know where we will be living in 5 years. We want to know that we will have enough for retirement. Hell, we want to […]

Why do I feel bad? 

We often look to others to make ourselves feel better after a trauma or bad day. But I was recently told that only WE can change how we feel. Wow that was NOT what I wanted to hear! But I had been disappointed lately when turning to several people hoping they could make my misery […]

Write Your Own Story

I was a shy kid.  I was afraid of people. They were loud. They wanted things from me that I might not be able to give. It felt like a test – and I always failed. “You’re too quiet. You’re shy.” These were BAD THINGS. By definition being “too” anything is never good. Even “too […]

Finley the Flute

March 2015
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