What you resist persists

What you resist persists. Surely we have all heard that one before.

But I heard it in a different light today. And I catch myself resisting things ALL the TIME!

The context I heard it in related to the Law of Attraction, which many people interpret as having to think

positive thoughts 24 hours a day. That is almost impossible as a human being, and so people beat

themselves up, thinking they aren’t doing it right. But by resisting the negative thoughts, they are

actually giving it more power. Iiiiinteresting! What you resist persists!

So when I beat myself up about not writing, I am giving power over to, well exactly what I DON’T want!

How counterintuitive is that! This is where the Buddhists have it right with meditation. When a thought

comes, don’t focus on it, just let it go. A thought is neither good nor bad, it’s just a thought, and a

thought that doesn’t serve you can just keep on going, without anxiety showing up that it turned up in

the first place!

It’s kind of like giving a bully power. When they insult you or try to engage you, if you react, you are

giving them exactly what they want and they will just continue the bullying. However, if you don’t

respond to them, it is likely they will move on, since they are not getting the reaction out of you to

satisfy them. (I really wish I’d had the wherewithal when I was seven years old not to respond to my

brother when he picked on me, but better late than never!)

So watch those thoughts go by, but we are all human. If you are having more positive thoughts than

negative, you’re doing great! Everyone has negative thoughts, it just takes practice not to get upset that

you’re having them and focus on them. In other words, don’t feed the trolls (i.e. negative thoughts)!

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